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Inside the Facebook Algorithm Crypt

Are you making faces at your device right now?

Thinking how the HECK does this Facebook algorithm stuff really work? Is it a trick? Some crazy riddle everything either goes cross eyed over or thinks they have the secret master key to?

Facebook should be part of your business’s digital marketing strategy because it is the best place to reach your target audience.

However, Facebook’s recent authenticity update has made it hard for companies to get as much traction as they used to because it now preferences posts from friends and families and posts that start a conversation. To use Facebook successfully, you must understand the Facebook algorithm that determines whether your post is worthy of exposure. Facebook needs an algorithm to ensure the content you put in is going to make the billion of users happy. So it has a formula to determine this.

On average, 1.49 billion daily active users access Facebook eight times per day. You have eight chances per day to catch a whole lot of people’s attention.

In this case, knowledge is power. If you understand the algorithm, you can use it to your business’s advantage. An algorithm is defined as a set of steps for a computer program or website to accomplish a task. Facebook uses this to rank all available posts that can display on a user’s News Feed based on how likely that user will be interested in seeing it. Therefore, the user can enjoy their experience without being bombarded with content they don’t want to see.

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So how does Facebook determine what content is most important to the user?

Here, the algorithm is broken down into four factors:

1.    Inventory: all available content from both friends and publishers

2.    Signals: the details that signal to Facebook that content is meaningful and relevant

3.    Predictions: Facebook predicts how a user will react to a content piece based on their behavior

4.    Score: based on the signals and predictions, Facebook allocates the content a number, based on how much the user will respond positively to it

‘Signals’ need to be your priority with a Facebook algorithm. Consider how you can signal to Facebook that your content is worthy. They can be details like the story type, visuals, time posted etc. However, due to the algorithms recent update, the most important thing Facebook will look at is its shares and comments. To do this, tell an authentic, personalised story and then ask your audience a question they are likely to comment an answer to. Something that will encourage people to heavily engage with your post without explicitly asking the user to “please comment”. The purpose of this is to prove to Facebook that your post is more than just advertising but in fact inspires conversation and builds relationships between users.  

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As of January 2018, content from friends has been higher up the feed than publishers. However, your business can still get great exposure with excellent outcomes for your business with a cleverly thought out social media strategy. Remember, authenticity is vital. Should you like to know more about how to use Facebook to your advantage, contact Geelong Social Media at

Below we have given you a really cool 4 min TedTalk video – What is an algorithm. It steps through how things are formulated. It will give you some insight into what happens if you don’t meet certain criteria in the “loop” of said formula. So let’s say you don’t meet one of the very first requirements, your content won’t be shown to as many people.

If you would like to create content that is amazing and gets that algorithm ticking- get in contact today. Email Kate at and let’s chat.

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