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Master your Social Media Universe Part II

Are you ready to master your social media universe?

So after Part 1, we know that to build your online presence organically and authentically takes time, but yields favourable results.

Now that we’ve bypassed budgeting bloopers (like buying fake vanity likes and followers) we can move on into what kind of content will attract your niche audience.

First and foremost, it is essential to understand this point: You must focus on ONE NICHE AUDIENCE, PRODUCT or SERVICE to create content that is easy to manage and measure.  This is how you get “social proof” that your strategy online is working or needs adjusting.

Geelong Social Media Leaderboard Organic Reach Marketing

Remembering that traditionally it takes time! A solid 4-6 months focused on one campaign, and one call-to-action is the norm so that you can easily assess analytics and build upon what did well while discarding the rest.

At Geelong Social Media, we do take a multi-faceted approach “a few scones in the oven” and see which one rises the best, we then glean the analytics and do a deeper dive, leveraging and converting as quickly as possible. This is a team effort and is about being very nimble and watching the “play” so to speak. But if you are going into this solo-biz style without a team then one campaign executed very well and accurately is the best way to awesomeness.

At GSM, we have it broken down into 4 easy questions you can ask yourself to fine-tune your focus and knock out killer content.  

This is meant to be done in a way that helps you funnel through to your most profitable or popular products and services while identifying marketing practices that are best for future campaigns.

What products or services do you offer?   

This question is simple enough.  What products do you offer? What services do you provide?  After writing them all down, look at the next 6 months and determine your goal for your online marketing.  Are you looking to build brand awareness? Make sales? Are you introducing a new product or are you sharing a more popular service to get profit that will support a later launch?

What value does the chosen product or service bring?

Of those products and services you decide upon sharing (again limiting it to one or two that can be easily monitored and measured), ask yourself or your team to identify all the VALUE that the respective product or service brings.  Be sure to list all the pain points that someone needing your product would complain about, while also listing all the pleasure points someone is looking to obtain when purchasing a solution.

Some people are motivated by their pain points and others by pleasure.  Mix a bit of both up in your marketing so that audiences know you understand where they are at and can also get them to where they want to be.

Geelong Social Media Leaderboard Organic Reach Marketing

Who benefits the most from this product or service?

Once you’ve narrowed down which product or service you are going to focus on sharing online, and identified the many pain points it solves, as well as, pleasure points it offers, you can then ask yourself who would benefit most from the values you just listed.

Create avatars for your ideal audience that would benefit most. Is one gender keener on purchasing it?  What age range is the most likely to use this product for its value? How much do they typically spend on similar solutions? As you ask these things, you’re able to identify target audiences, which make marketing material easier to design and engaging for the very audience that craves it most.

Where do those people congregate?

The final question you ask yourself is where those that benefit the most from your efforts congregate at.  Is it a specific social media outlet? Is it at tradeshows or conferences? By knowing where to spend your marketing budget, you are certain to reach more of your ideal customers with your content that is tailored to that respective audience.  This means a greater probability of interest and investment in whatever you are promoting.

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Consider these 4 questions at the beginning of each brand strategy session so that you are bringing value to your ideal consumers, with the most relevant content and the highest return for interest and engagement.

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by StevieAnn Minner- our Geelong Social Media Team Member and superstar from the United States of America. We love Stevie and her incredible digital media talents and writing style.