Master Your Social Media Reach Part III

As discussed in Organic Reach Part II, we acknowledged that to build your online presence, it is best to know what value your products and services bring, who benefits most from such value and where best to display that content, so that it reaches your niche audiences.

Now, you’re set, right?  Almost! You have, at this point, determined where you’re going to showcase content online.  Perhaps it’s YouTube videos for a demonstrable product or service. Maybe it’s the image-heavy Instagram or the more personable and friendly Facebook group?

You log in and you’re ready to launch, but you find yourself overwhelmed with ideas for content. You can do a giveaway or feature a testimonial. You could do a funny meme or an inspiring quote.  The options are seemingly endless and without a campaign focus, you could very quickly pour a ton of time into your posts without gaining any real traction.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 92 percent of content marketers use social media to distribute their content.

That said, Geelong can help! We specialize in creating content calendars that are specific to your business needs and laser-like focus.  Whether you decide to outsource to us or use your in-house talent, here is a sneak peek at what we do to create content that isn’t just meaningful, but measurable as well!

Using the 1:7 ratio, we spice up any social media presence with solid themes that thrive online. 

From engaging and educational to behind-the-scenes bloopers, you’ll be able to quickly identify what trends work well with your niche audience based on feedback and impressions with each respective post.

Let’s say one of our clients, Debbie, is a budding botanist (pun always intended) who wishes to promote education and sales of her natural deodorant. Using these coined “Themes that Thrive”, we would create content like so:

Debbie knows there are many reasons behind someone’s request for deodorant that works, but few people would answer blatant questions around body odor. That said, we get a game plan and give customers what they need, wrapped in what they want.

Monday, we start with engaging content.

We’ll want to utilize polls or questions that help us get to the bottom of what Debbie’s ideal market really wants and needs- without sounding solely promotional or outright intrusive.  We ask a fun question via open-ended answer or multiple choice to get engagement and feedback. 

For example:

The average spent on deodorant annually is

A) $18 billion

B) $16 million

C) $14 million

D) $13 billion

This not only garners quick answers from those who cannot help but comment, but also gets people thinking about how much they are spending on their own – even if a distant thought that surfaces much later, come time to purchase their next stick or spray.

Tuesday, we focus on content that is educational.  

We want to educate our audience with facts about the deodorant industry without shaming and while also encouraging the buyer to “vote with their money” on what is best for them. An example of this post would be:

The aluminum compounds in antiperspirants effectively stop up the eccrine sweat glands. Because sweating is not only natural, but also imperative to control body temperature, it is best to manage sweat odors versus deterring sweat altogether.

Here, we are sharing the importance of knowing what is in your deodorant, which later could lead to sales of Debbie’s product (a natural alternative to anti-perspirants found in common products), now that she’s shown knowledge and passion surrounding armpit health.

Wednesday, we share some funny memes or some inspiring quotes. 

For Debbie, it’ll be about the importance of natural healing and using plant-based products for our bodies.

Thursday, we share a relevant article that is trending and further proves the need for the client’s product. 

This could be an article on aluminum and cancer or recalls on mainstream, manufactured deodorants.

Friday, we share some behind-the-scenes content like the making of the deodorant or even a DIY video. 

While this may seem counter-intuitive, those who are willing to watch the video and attempt themselves will either A) be grateful for the free value-up-front and leave positive reviews or B) appreciate Debbie’s generosity and decide to purchase from her outright.

Saturday, we shout out to our top followers or contributors. 

We give some love back to the social world via giveaways or thank you posts. We call this the good neighbor policy and like to share love with other brands (like the companies she buys essential oils from to make her deodorant) for community culture and also more brand exposure.

Sunday, we share promotional content.

We can confidently promote our products that so many are now invested in because you’ve been in their news feed all week long educating and entertaining them, polling them for what they want in a product or service, building rapport behind-the-curtains and more!

Now, all we have to do is look at what content did well, adjust what could have gone better or garnered more responses and re-visit content for the coming weeks with the same themes!

Investing as little as six hours a week in content marketing was enough for 91% of marketers to claim an increase in web traffic.

Get it? It’s simple! Still not fully sure you want to implement this on your own? Don’t “sweat” it! Feel free to reach out to any of our Geelong Wordsmiths for content that is sure to build rapport, earn respect and gain retention!  

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