The Dot Com Triple Twist With A Twirl

I often compare business to gymnastics. Walking that beam can be tricky, stretching your muscles is crucial. You doing it for fun? Or do you want to represent Australia? Get a good coach and make sure you know your stuff, have great equipment and transport, the tools to help you get there. Otherwise ankles break and dreams crumble.

So let’s start with marketing online. Digital Media is not an advertising expense. It is a revolutionary way to be seen in a world-embracing new and quick communication. 

If you hire a Digital Media consultant- you’re outsourcing your social media campaign strategy to experts so they can do it for you. Like an accountant, a bookkeeper, a lawyer or a cleaner. 

Are you one of these business owners or producers? Alternatively, perhaps you are a Jill or Jack of all trades going it the long haul. Welcome! 

Geelong Social Media Leaderboard Organic Reach Marketing

Advertising costs – AKA- to amplify the work you are doing in digital media and getting extended traction, is separate from Digital Media tasks. For example, if you can create some tremendous unpaid marketing strategies and get lots of organic likes and traction- AWESOME! What you are doing is creating Digital Media Word of Mouth. However, you are not advertising. Don’t get the two confused.

You must understand the reach paid advertising has in the right areas and when done in the right way. It’s pretty cool and has an incredible impact on business. 

We have worked with businesses who do amazing structured campaigns – triple their gross sales in 14 months. Not a month, or two months, just over a year. In a real way. A triple way. How many hours of work was spent doing Digital Media effectively to get here each week? Just over 12 hours a week. They, of course, needed to ensure their physical business world reflected what the masses were hearing and talking about and exceed it. Otherwise, they were not going to last the distance. If you can’t back it up- you might make a lot of money to start with, but you will have the reputation of a well-used dishrag. Once potentially useful, now stinky. No one wants that outcome. Money doesn’t buy sleep.

How many hours are you spending doing digital media?

Look at structuring your digital media tasks in a time-efficient way, and you can measure, so you know you aren’t wasting your time because your time is worth something. 

What is the average spend on advertising and marketing? 

If you want to get a significant return on your investment, the recommended rate for many businesses is a 9- 12% advertising spend based on your sales. 

So take a look at your gross sales, are you investing this back into the business to help promote it further? Do you measure the return? Asking how people heard about you or where people saw you? Helpful tip- one way you can identify accurately where someone heard about you is to put identifiers into your posts and offers on Social Media, and this can help track your incoming sales as a result. For example: mention FacebookLegend to our team to get your Free ABCDEFG. Whatever the cost was, including the cost of the offer divided by the number of new clients or purchases will give you a return on person number. This is the amount it cost you to get the client in the door. How much on average was spent per person? Was there a reasonable margin? Is it worth doing it again another time? Remember to keep things fresh.

Geelong Social Media Leaderboard Organic Reach Marketing

The simple act of asking a question can help you identify where your incoming clients are coming from.

We would love to know how you heard about us- is a great question to start with or perhaps your referrals are closer to home. How do you leverage these happy clients into additional smiling clients? What is your referral system? 

If you want to get out into the world, you need to be using the Digital Space expertly. It is time to step out and get happening! So grab your leotard and start stretching. Because your message can reach the world now.