The Dot Com Triple Twist With A Twirl

I often compare business to gymnastics. Walking that beam can be tricky, stretching your muscles is crucial. You doing it for fun? Or do you want to represent Australia? Get a good coach and make sure you know your stuff, have great equipment and transport, the tools to help you get there. Otherwise ankles break and dreams crumble.

So let’s start with marketing online. Digital Media is not an advertising expense. It is a revolutionary way to be seen in a world-embracing new and quick communication. 

If you hire a Digital Media consultant- you’re outsourcing your social media campaign strategy to experts so they can do it for you. Like an accountant, a bookkeeper, a lawyer or a cleaner. 

Are you one of these business owners or producers? Alternatively, perhaps you are a Jill or Jack of all trades going it the long haul. Welcome! 

Geelong Social Media Leaderboard Organic Reach Marketing

Advertising costs – AKA- to amplify the work you are doing in digital media and getting extended traction, is separate from Digital Media tasks. For example, if you can create some tremendous unpaid marketing strategies and get lots of organic likes and traction- AWESOME! What you are doing is creating Digital Media Word of Mouth. However, you are not advertising. Don’t get the two confused.

You must understand the reach paid advertising has in the right areas and when done in the right way. It’s pretty cool and has an incredible impact on business. 

We have worked with businesses who do amazing structured campaigns – triple their gross sales in 14 months. Not a month, or two months, just over a year. In a real way. A triple way. How many hours of work was spent doing Digital Media effectively to get here each week? Just over 12 hours a week. They, of course, needed to ensure their physical business world reflected what the masses were hearing and talking about and exceed it. Otherwise, they were not going to last the distance. If you can’t back it up- you might make a lot of money to start with, but you will have the reputation of a well-used dishrag. Once potentially useful, now stinky. No one wants that outcome. Money doesn’t buy sleep.

How many hours are you spending doing digital media?

Look at structuring your digital media tasks in a time-efficient way, and you can measure, so you know you aren’t wasting your time because your time is worth something. 

What is the average spend on advertising and marketing? 

If you want to get a significant return on your investment, the recommended rate for many businesses is a 9- 12% advertising spend based on your sales. 

So take a look at your gross sales, are you investing this back into the business to help promote it further? Do you measure the return? Asking how people heard about you or where people saw you? Helpful tip- one way you can identify accurately where someone heard about you is to put identifiers into your posts and offers on Social Media, and this can help track your incoming sales as a result. For example: mention FacebookLegend to our team to get your Free ABCDEFG. Whatever the cost was, including the cost of the offer divided by the number of new clients or purchases will give you a return on person number. This is the amount it cost you to get the client in the door. How much on average was spent per person? Was there a reasonable margin? Is it worth doing it again another time? Remember to keep things fresh.

Geelong Social Media Leaderboard Organic Reach Marketing

The simple act of asking a question can help you identify where your incoming clients are coming from.

We would love to know how you heard about us- is a great question to start with or perhaps your referrals are closer to home. How do you leverage these happy clients into additional smiling clients? What is your referral system? 

If you want to get out into the world, you need to be using the Digital Space expertly. It is time to step out and get happening! So grab your leotard and start stretching. Because your message can reach the world now.

Master Your Social Media Reach Part III

As discussed in Organic Reach Part II, we acknowledged that to build your online presence, it is best to know what value your products and services bring, who benefits most from such value and where best to display that content, so that it reaches your niche audiences.

Now, you’re set, right?  Almost! You have, at this point, determined where you’re going to showcase content online.  Perhaps it’s YouTube videos for a demonstrable product or service. Maybe it’s the image-heavy Instagram or the more personable and friendly Facebook group?

You log in and you’re ready to launch, but you find yourself overwhelmed with ideas for content. You can do a giveaway or feature a testimonial. You could do a funny meme or an inspiring quote.  The options are seemingly endless and without a campaign focus, you could very quickly pour a ton of time into your posts without gaining any real traction.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 92 percent of content marketers use social media to distribute their content.

That said, Geelong can help! We specialize in creating content calendars that are specific to your business needs and laser-like focus.  Whether you decide to outsource to us or use your in-house talent, here is a sneak peek at what we do to create content that isn’t just meaningful, but measurable as well!

Using the 1:7 ratio, we spice up any social media presence with solid themes that thrive online. 

From engaging and educational to behind-the-scenes bloopers, you’ll be able to quickly identify what trends work well with your niche audience based on feedback and impressions with each respective post.

Let’s say one of our clients, Debbie, is a budding botanist (pun always intended) who wishes to promote education and sales of her natural deodorant. Using these coined “Themes that Thrive”, we would create content like so:

Debbie knows there are many reasons behind someone’s request for deodorant that works, but few people would answer blatant questions around body odor. That said, we get a game plan and give customers what they need, wrapped in what they want.

Monday, we start with engaging content.

We’ll want to utilize polls or questions that help us get to the bottom of what Debbie’s ideal market really wants and needs- without sounding solely promotional or outright intrusive.  We ask a fun question via open-ended answer or multiple choice to get engagement and feedback. 

For example:

The average spent on deodorant annually is

A) $18 billion

B) $16 million

C) $14 million

D) $13 billion

This not only garners quick answers from those who cannot help but comment, but also gets people thinking about how much they are spending on their own – even if a distant thought that surfaces much later, come time to purchase their next stick or spray.

Tuesday, we focus on content that is educational.  

We want to educate our audience with facts about the deodorant industry without shaming and while also encouraging the buyer to “vote with their money” on what is best for them. An example of this post would be:

The aluminum compounds in antiperspirants effectively stop up the eccrine sweat glands. Because sweating is not only natural, but also imperative to control body temperature, it is best to manage sweat odors versus deterring sweat altogether.

Here, we are sharing the importance of knowing what is in your deodorant, which later could lead to sales of Debbie’s product (a natural alternative to anti-perspirants found in common products), now that she’s shown knowledge and passion surrounding armpit health.

Wednesday, we share some funny memes or some inspiring quotes. 

For Debbie, it’ll be about the importance of natural healing and using plant-based products for our bodies.

Thursday, we share a relevant article that is trending and further proves the need for the client’s product. 

This could be an article on aluminum and cancer or recalls on mainstream, manufactured deodorants.

Friday, we share some behind-the-scenes content like the making of the deodorant or even a DIY video. 

While this may seem counter-intuitive, those who are willing to watch the video and attempt themselves will either A) be grateful for the free value-up-front and leave positive reviews or B) appreciate Debbie’s generosity and decide to purchase from her outright.

Saturday, we shout out to our top followers or contributors. 

We give some love back to the social world via giveaways or thank you posts. We call this the good neighbor policy and like to share love with other brands (like the companies she buys essential oils from to make her deodorant) for community culture and also more brand exposure.

Sunday, we share promotional content.

We can confidently promote our products that so many are now invested in because you’ve been in their news feed all week long educating and entertaining them, polling them for what they want in a product or service, building rapport behind-the-curtains and more!

Now, all we have to do is look at what content did well, adjust what could have gone better or garnered more responses and re-visit content for the coming weeks with the same themes!

Investing as little as six hours a week in content marketing was enough for 91% of marketers to claim an increase in web traffic.

Get it? It’s simple! Still not fully sure you want to implement this on your own? Don’t “sweat” it! Feel free to reach out to any of our Geelong Wordsmiths for content that is sure to build rapport, earn respect and gain retention!  

Geelong Social Media Leaderboard Organic Reach Marketing
Geelong Social Media Master Your Social Media Universe

Master your Social Media Universe Part II

Are you ready to master your social media universe?

So after Part 1, we know that to build your online presence organically and authentically takes time, but yields favourable results.

Now that we’ve bypassed budgeting bloopers (like buying fake vanity likes and followers) we can move on into what kind of content will attract your niche audience.

First and foremost, it is essential to understand this point: You must focus on ONE NICHE AUDIENCE, PRODUCT or SERVICE to create content that is easy to manage and measure.  This is how you get “social proof” that your strategy online is working or needs adjusting.

Geelong Social Media Leaderboard Organic Reach Marketing

Remembering that traditionally it takes time! A solid 4-6 months focused on one campaign, and one call-to-action is the norm so that you can easily assess analytics and build upon what did well while discarding the rest.

At Geelong Social Media, we do take a multi-faceted approach “a few scones in the oven” and see which one rises the best, we then glean the analytics and do a deeper dive, leveraging and converting as quickly as possible. This is a team effort and is about being very nimble and watching the “play” so to speak. But if you are going into this solo-biz style without a team then one campaign executed very well and accurately is the best way to awesomeness.

At GSM, we have it broken down into 4 easy questions you can ask yourself to fine-tune your focus and knock out killer content.  

This is meant to be done in a way that helps you funnel through to your most profitable or popular products and services while identifying marketing practices that are best for future campaigns.

What products or services do you offer?   

This question is simple enough.  What products do you offer? What services do you provide?  After writing them all down, look at the next 6 months and determine your goal for your online marketing.  Are you looking to build brand awareness? Make sales? Are you introducing a new product or are you sharing a more popular service to get profit that will support a later launch?

What value does the chosen product or service bring?

Of those products and services you decide upon sharing (again limiting it to one or two that can be easily monitored and measured), ask yourself or your team to identify all the VALUE that the respective product or service brings.  Be sure to list all the pain points that someone needing your product would complain about, while also listing all the pleasure points someone is looking to obtain when purchasing a solution.

Some people are motivated by their pain points and others by pleasure.  Mix a bit of both up in your marketing so that audiences know you understand where they are at and can also get them to where they want to be.

Geelong Social Media Leaderboard Organic Reach Marketing

Who benefits the most from this product or service?

Once you’ve narrowed down which product or service you are going to focus on sharing online, and identified the many pain points it solves, as well as, pleasure points it offers, you can then ask yourself who would benefit most from the values you just listed.

Create avatars for your ideal audience that would benefit most. Is one gender keener on purchasing it?  What age range is the most likely to use this product for its value? How much do they typically spend on similar solutions? As you ask these things, you’re able to identify target audiences, which make marketing material easier to design and engaging for the very audience that craves it most.

Where do those people congregate?

The final question you ask yourself is where those that benefit the most from your efforts congregate at.  Is it a specific social media outlet? Is it at tradeshows or conferences? By knowing where to spend your marketing budget, you are certain to reach more of your ideal customers with your content that is tailored to that respective audience.  This means a greater probability of interest and investment in whatever you are promoting.

The Road For Hope Cancer Journey

Consider these 4 questions at the beginning of each brand strategy session so that you are bringing value to your ideal consumers, with the most relevant content and the highest return for interest and engagement.

Want a brand strategy session? You can book one of our Boardroom sessions- customised for whatever you need in the Digital Space. Email Kate at to find out more.

by StevieAnn Minner- our Geelong Social Media Team Member and superstar from the United States of America. We love Stevie and her incredible digital media talents and writing style.

Geelong Social Media Facebook Algorithm

Inside the Facebook Algorithm Crypt

Are you making faces at your device right now?

Thinking how the HECK does this Facebook algorithm stuff really work? Is it a trick? Some crazy riddle everything either goes cross eyed over or thinks they have the secret master key to?

Facebook should be part of your business’s digital marketing strategy because it is the best place to reach your target audience.

However, Facebook’s recent authenticity update has made it hard for companies to get as much traction as they used to because it now preferences posts from friends and families and posts that start a conversation. To use Facebook successfully, you must understand the Facebook algorithm that determines whether your post is worthy of exposure. Facebook needs an algorithm to ensure the content you put in is going to make the billion of users happy. So it has a formula to determine this.

On average, 1.49 billion daily active users access Facebook eight times per day. You have eight chances per day to catch a whole lot of people’s attention.

In this case, knowledge is power. If you understand the algorithm, you can use it to your business’s advantage. An algorithm is defined as a set of steps for a computer program or website to accomplish a task. Facebook uses this to rank all available posts that can display on a user’s News Feed based on how likely that user will be interested in seeing it. Therefore, the user can enjoy their experience without being bombarded with content they don’t want to see.

Geelong Social Media Leaderboard Organic Reach Marketing

So how does Facebook determine what content is most important to the user?

Here, the algorithm is broken down into four factors:

1.    Inventory: all available content from both friends and publishers

2.    Signals: the details that signal to Facebook that content is meaningful and relevant

3.    Predictions: Facebook predicts how a user will react to a content piece based on their behavior

4.    Score: based on the signals and predictions, Facebook allocates the content a number, based on how much the user will respond positively to it

‘Signals’ need to be your priority with a Facebook algorithm. Consider how you can signal to Facebook that your content is worthy. They can be details like the story type, visuals, time posted etc. However, due to the algorithms recent update, the most important thing Facebook will look at is its shares and comments. To do this, tell an authentic, personalised story and then ask your audience a question they are likely to comment an answer to. Something that will encourage people to heavily engage with your post without explicitly asking the user to “please comment”. The purpose of this is to prove to Facebook that your post is more than just advertising but in fact inspires conversation and builds relationships between users.  

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As of January 2018, content from friends has been higher up the feed than publishers. However, your business can still get great exposure with excellent outcomes for your business with a cleverly thought out social media strategy. Remember, authenticity is vital. Should you like to know more about how to use Facebook to your advantage, contact Geelong Social Media at

Below we have given you a really cool 4 min TedTalk video – What is an algorithm. It steps through how things are formulated. It will give you some insight into what happens if you don’t meet certain criteria in the “loop” of said formula. So let’s say you don’t meet one of the very first requirements, your content won’t be shown to as many people.

If you would like to create content that is amazing and gets that algorithm ticking- get in contact today. Email Kate at and let’s chat.

By Jasmin Pedretti Geelong Social Media Team Superstar

Journalism pre-Grad at Deakin University, Jasmin Pedretti has a collection of passions. Food, culture, travel, and books spark her joy and this Milan trekking wordsmith would ideally spend time in a Treehouse if she had the choice, eating fish tacos with avocado and mango. Coconut Lattes are her source of life force sustenance along with a good helping of Peanut Butter. With a strong dislike for racists and red Dimetapp medicine, Jasmin adores Bronte and her ability to conjure resentment, happiness, hatred, and love in succession. A gifted writer, we are so pleased to welcome Jasmin to the Ponderings team. Her bright light is a spark invoking joyful wit and laughter, and we are going to call it- this human is going places.

The Importance of Google Reviews and How to Get Them

Google Reviews and How to Get Them

Want to know how to invite your guests and clients to give you a great Google Review?

Google Reviews are a powerful way to promote your business. So we have created this step by step guide to show you how to create a specific link you can send your clients to write a review.

If you’re like the 2,065,523 small businesses in Australia, you know the importance of standing out as a local business to earn a reputation and referrals.   While social media plays an important role in branding, it is only a fraction of the entire picture.

According to Internet Live Stats, the number of daily searches on Google are 3.5 billion, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

This is the leading resource for those looking to invest in products and services near them.  So, how does a consumer stand out in such a high-traffic space? The quality and quantity of reviews on Google is one of the most important ranking factors for local Search Engine Optimisation- in simple terms- imagine Google is a librarian and everyone has told her the new best seller is amazingly resourceful. This is going to be the go to book she shows people asking at the counter what to read. That said, it is crucial for your brand or business to have a presence there.

Copy of The Color Project-4

To put it simply, customer reviews provide all those social keys we talk about in our workshops- it provides social proof, credibility, authority, likeability and trust- the best bit? It can result in a higher conversion rate.

For that reason, we are showing you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to get your business onboard, by creating a direct link to your Google reviews page, making the process much easier for your customers to review and share.



Google’s Place ID Finder lets you annotate a location specific to your business.  This way, Google can discern your business from others in the area, as well as, populate reviews unique to your business.


Enter your business name into the designated field. Make sure you enter in whatever your Google My Business name has listed so it automatically populates and ensures brand consistency.



Once your business is displayed, your place ID will be listed under your business name. It will appear as a string of letters and numbers, about 25 characters long. Copy this code and paste it somewhere safe, like a word or pages document.



Next, paste the following URL in a new browser, with your Place ID where written below. PLACE ID HERE

When using the above link, the url with the place ID should end up looking like this example:

Note:  This may not be the most appealing URL to give to customers, so consider using Bitly’s URL shortening option which allows you to make a smaller and even customizable option!


Use the link you created to send to customers! Once they type it in and hit enter, a window will appear in their browser that instantly prompts them to leave a review from their Google account.


Keep in mind that it is against Google’s policy to solicit reviews from customers by offering incentives.  Make sure that your request for reviews is just that –a respectful request sharing their experience with your products and services.

Let us know how you go! Remember we have our one on one workshops now happening in the Geelong CBD! Contact us for more info. 

Make a Coffee and watch this: one of our faves from the legendary Seth Godin


How The Digital Space Provides Storytelling We Crave.


It’s been a good 30,000+ years since the cave paintings in France were used to depict the lifestyles of bull fighters back in their time.

Mythological, oral and archeological recordings date back as early as 5,000 years ago, with the oldest discovered form of coherent writing beginning with Sumerian script.

For as long as we can recall, we’ve been using every means we could to share experiences and educate others in various topics.  In fact, storytelling is the key to understanding and learning.  While our enthusiasm to tell stories hasn’t changed, our resources allowing us to do so have expanded significantly.  We’ve evolved from tribal cave paintings to social media posts and video blogs.

Communication is sharing ideas and interests.

Communication in marketing has been said to be the transfer of enthusiasm and passion of a product or service to the consumer directly.  That said, all businesses seeking to use the digital space to market should strive to tell a story in a way that quickly and effectively shifts the consumer from interest to investment. Curiosity to conversation and then conversation to conversion.

The subconscious, anthropological mind craves the need for “the story” and the digital space provides this, amidst a Western World that has substituted real-time relations with digital dialogue. Storytelling closes the “digital divide” and invites back in the emotion that prompts conviction and connection. Digital communication and social media really tick those “story telling” boxes we yearn for.

As Quantified Communication states, “research shows that messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts.”

Small businesses effectively using storytelling know that our brains often don’t distinguish between fiction and reality, therefore, we immerse ourselves in stories as if we were a part of them.  At Geelong Social Media, we practice this also and wish to share with you how easy it is for you and your small business to do the same:

3 Steps to Easy Story-Telling via Social Media

1.Make it easy on yourself and your team. Identify the problem that your customer is facing in the industry.  What service or product is lacking?  Use an avatar that is your niche demographic, this way the reader immediately can identify that they, too, are your ideal target audience.


2. Then, briefly share a story that either identifies an avatar dealing with this struggle (and the emotions that accompany such) or share a story about how you learned of the issue and began to research the problem more. What did you discover? This shows credibility of your business values and entices them to continue reading for anticipated resolve.


3. Lastly, share what you created or tailored your products and services to do to counter or correct this issue and the fruits of such labor. How did it directly benefit the customer or consumer with original concern?

The most successful small businesses are using digital media to engage with their audience on a personal level, inviting them to hear their story while also being a part of the story as they encourage opinions, questions and requests.  Master this storytelling strategy and your small business will be well on its way to becoming an effective communicator on digital media.

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Would you like to book a one on one workshop for your business? Perhaps you would like to develop your story and communications strategy? Contact our team today and find out how we can wordsmith for you and help you discover your key messages and unique edge. Contact

5 Ways To Smash Writer’s Block

So you have a deadline looming, or you want to write that content. A blog, or perhaps a manuscript, there’s a hidden “book within” and … nothing. Perhaps you are a seasoned writer, and for one reason or another, you find yourself with a blank page, an empty screen feeling disgruntled. Maybe you are a business owner in need of content but are left scratching your head.

So to get creative- you can do a couple of things to help stimulate that wordsmith mind.

I often say in our workshops; writing has a certain elitism to it that is incredibly overrated. Writing began as scratches in the dirt to communicate. It continues to communicate. If we wish to utilize Search Engine Optimisation, then we need to be using the correct bindings of grammar and readability. However, FIRST- writer’s block.

1) Often creativity arrives peripherally. You know when you are straining your mind trying to think of something, and it just gets blocked up, nothing comes through- zilch. Then, when you divert your mind to something else- bang! The answer pops up just like that. For example, you are trying to remember that 80’s TV character, it’s evading you. Then the next day you are shopping for vegetables and BINGO! You remember Cringer is the alter ego of Battle Cat from He-man. So encourage your peripheral creativity, how so? Get it doing something different!


2) Nature Walk – beach or bush – as humans, we relax when we are in nature, and it can be incredibly stimulating to be in and around a natural environment. When we unfocus our minds from “other thoughts” and focus on the “right now” an outdoor wander can be the light bulb moment. Don’t forget to take a smartphone so you can voice record your ideas as they come through; then you can keep them for later. Often when we get a great idea, we aren’t carrying a notebook, and we can forget those nuggets of wisdom. If you have something on hand to record your thoughts- you will start to accumulate them like shells on the beach. (Social media tip- don’t forget to take a pic of something nice on your walk for your Instagram and Facebook feed.) Writers Block no more shall you show your face!


3) People watch- the opposite of the nature walk. Find a great cafe, and people watch. Complete strangers- look at them (don’t stare too long though or you will gain creep status). Use some imagination. Where are they going? What happened to them yesterday? Are they sad? Then make the rest up. What star sign are they? Do they like their kitchen clean or are they messy folk with a phobia of moths? Let your imagination take over; there might be a story in there. People watching was the go-to for Hemingway in Paris in the 1920’s and remains a wonder tool for the uninspired.


4) Try and write a paragraph about a topic without using the words typically used for it. For example, try and describe a field of grass without using the word green, soil or sky. This can be quite tricky, but it gets you thinking in “words” that are outside of the square and gets the brain-cracking in a different direction. An indirect thought is a wonder for creative stimulation. If you go to the pantry and it is nearly empty you will end up creating something different and unique- same goes here. write for 5 minutes and go back and replace all the verbs with something unusual- THIS IS GOLD! Writers block be gone!

5) Ernest Hemingway said “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” Start with this. What is the truest sentence you know? Start from there, and words will form. Write them down. Procrastination can be a beautiful bedmate. To counteract it-

Sometimes you need a footy coach rip, a harsh reality checks to get you going. Some no fluff no BS words of wisdom. Stephen King has sold millions of copies of books around the world. Many people know him for his horror genre not realizing he is the master wordsmith behind Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile or by Me. The man is a genius and his other talent, and he doesn’t suffer fools. This includes his university lectures. I quote:

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

Remember if you want a long length of string, you have to unravel it and let it roll out, it’s no good sitting in your pocket.

Contact Us Today and ask us about our packages.

Can You See The Future?

By Kirsten Macdonald – wordsmith and digital yoda at GSM.

Intuition- how relevant is it to the business world? A crystal ball would be handy sometimes!

Many years ago, my business partner and I met a lovely entrepreneur who sought our services. She was engaging, passionate about her new venture and used the words integrity and honesty a lot. The first time we spoke on the telephone, she told us had been to another company ( a well known and regarded one.) According to her, they were too expensive, and when we offered to meet at a local cafe for an informal introduction, she insisted on meeting at a free business center 20 minutes away because they had “free coffee.” Something very small inside me thought this was a little left of center. But I then discarded it. I did an internal trade-off because we can’t judge someone on two little sentences, can we? What if are wrong?

Six months in, and boy did I wish we had both trusted that internal squirm.

Was she lovely? Absolutely. Did the business have potential? Without a doubt! But underneath her surface, there was a storm of issues that held the exports operation back from being successful. One was a lack of reasonable capital, a whole lot of unreasonable expectation and a whole lot of “free.” Everyone else was wrong, all of the successful PR companies, the SEO specialists, even the accountant. In retrospect, someone driving 20 minutes for a free coffee- using $10 worth of fuel, $10 in parking and 40 minutes of time, might tell you something.

What did it cost us?

The uncomfortable yet gentle act of business uncoupling and a LOT of energy, stress and time- which equals money. It was a good lesson albeit a hard one.

So what did we learn?

It is all about being still, paying attention to the feelings that arise and then reading the feedback. Intuition is spending time with your instincts and learning to read them and rely on them.  I learned to trust my intuition.

Intuition isn’t guessing. It’s sophisticated pattern matching, honed over time.” Seth Godin-2

So how else can we be intuitive?

We can utilize the array of digital tools at our fingertips. Social Media for example. People think they have to be on social media to create pretty pictures and get likes, which might convert into sales when they get it right. But how do they get it right? Some people have convinced themselves it doesn’t work and is all a big ploy by social media magnates to make money. Ouch!

What do we know?

We know 80% of the country is using the computer to find out information and we know that close to that amount are using social media and it’s growing. So how does this help your intuition and decision making?

Let’s dig down another layer. Behind the front of social media and computer use, there is analytics. Digital platforms are observing and collecting habits, responses, and reactions from every user. So here is a prime opportunity to be intuitive with our clients, our audiences. We can observe their interaction with us, their likes and dislikes so we can better deliver content to them that makes us





Remember if something is remarkable it is because someone thought it was worthy of making a remark (able.) about it.

Intuition isn’t guessing. It’s sophisticated pattern matching, honed over time.” Seth Godin-3

Data mining (ethically of course) is another way you can be intuitive with the help of digital tools. Data mining is the ability to extract insightful information about internet users. I am not talking about names and addresses or personal details based on identity, I am talking about their user habits, interests and the words they use to search for information online.

Google is the genie of answers to questions.

“I’ll google it” is often the catch cry. In fact, reports show that people google flu symptoms before they go to a doctor. This information alone has helped medical industries pre-empt flu season and track the influenza progression. I know right? Google analyses everything that is searched online by humanity. That information is available, and it can be used intuitively to future plan, test and succeed.

Intuition isn’t guessing. It’s sophisticated pattern matching, honed over time.” Seth Godin

So how can we use this in the digital space?

Remember other people are intuitive too, are you real? Are you conveying passion and integrity? Trust your gut and infuse that into your digital content. What do you want people to know about what you do? Why did you start this business? How can you solve a problem for people? What are they searching for online around what you have to offer? What are the correlated words? Where are they located? Are you selling meditation classes to stressed-out people? Go to the corporates! Where do they live? What are they reading? You see where I am going?

Get right down into your emotional honesty about why you do what you do, then convey that in content that is of outstanding quality. If you get the smallest feeling and it triggers that squirm- pay attention to it. Spend a little time turning it over in your hand before agreeing to anything, or doing anything. When in doubt- hang about and sit with it.

It could be fear or it could be intuition, either one is worthy of your time and consideration.

If it is fear… well, that’s a whole other article! Stay tuned.

If you would like to know about our Digital Data Mining service- email

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10 Tips for Instagram for 2018

by Geelong Social Media resident Wordsmith, Journo, and Marketing extraordinaire Renae Failla.


Many of you may have experienced the array of touchpoints with this progressive platform but are you using Instagram in your business to its fullest potential? With the shifts in algorithms and the migration of brands to Instagram, the importance of infusing the full functionalities of the platform into your strategy is becoming imperative! This is why we have collated 10 bite-sized tips for the year!


Follow hashtags

Businesses can remain at the forefront of their industry and discover like-minded people by following hashtags. All you need to do is search the relevant hashtag and click follow. Posts with these hashtags will appear in your feed allowing you to expand your feed beyond the profiles you follow. For example, if you are a Naturopath, you may start following the hashtag #nutrition or #healthexpert.

Include hashtags in your profile description

This feature has only been introduced a couple of months ago. It’s a way to put forward your interests and niches to new users so they can discover your profile and mutual interests.

Insta stories

Insta stories are ideal for the content that is not good enough for a post but that you would like to highlight. Insta stories can be viewed as disappearing ads providing a new touchpoint from business to consumer. Instagram saw an opportunity to jump on this temporary digital tool and the take up of this feature took over the use of Snapchat for many. Instagram stories are important for brands as Snapchat stories were not an effective marketing tool and they allow brands to provide real-time updates (think Twitter) but in a visual manner.

GIPHY on Insta stories

GIF stickers work to add a level of excitement in the digital age. Taking a page out of the meme culture handbook, businesses can use these stickers to connect on a deeper and less sterile level. Simply put, Millennials and Gen Z are accustomed to seeing these iconic moving images in their feed and by employing these as a business you are able to reach that audience.

The silent frame of advertising

It’s time to appeal to the audiences who can’t hear the message. Ad Espresso, Hootsuite reports that in 2017 only about 15% of Facebook and Instagram users chose to watch videos with the sound on. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the description includes a call to action and that your image is empowering enough to stop the feed. Bright colours in the design such as orange or yellow are a great way to do this.



Instagram scheduling was always wishful thinking for many. Previously, many scheduling platforms would allow scheduling of Facebook and not Instagram. Some platforms would employ push notification alerts which can be likened to a calendar reminder on your phone. This posed great difficulty for many brands to stay active on both channels, yet in 2018, Hootsuite has addressed the need for Instagram scheduling, thus increasing productivity, planning, and engagement of audiences.


Take your stories or posts that step further with easy text animation to engage the audience. Their tagline is ‘Legends speak louder than words’, instead of your regular text on image post, there is a range of animations. This particularly comes in handy when you are promoting an event or aspect of a product on your Insta story. Combining videos and photos helps break up the content with slides of stunning text animations such as ‘To find out more head to our website…”. 

iPhone new additions ios 11

Did you know that you can easily create animated posts on your iPhone with the swipe of your finger? The iPhone now facilitates the advancements of social media allowing you the option of a Loop, Bounce or Long Exposure on live images. Features like these foster creativity and user engagement.

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