How to write an effective blog and why

How to Write and Effective Blog and WhyImportance of knowing how to write an effective blog and why

It is easy for any blogger to sit down and say ‘I want to write a blog’, whether it be personal, business or review oriented. In 2014, the Australian Writers Centre compiled a list of the best Australian blog finalists in every category tallying 31 influential Australian blogs. With the blogging landscape expanding exponentially it can sometimes be difficult to keep your head above water in the blogosphere.


Understand your audience

Prior to writing your blog you must have a good understanding of who your audience is. Keep in mind their gender, age and interests throughout your entire writing process. You should consider that your audience alters your writing style, the length of your paragraphs and the type of wording. This can also mean that you may need to change your blog readability level. Wordy blogs are not always the most liked, in fact it has been suggested that most blogs should have a readability level of around 12 (calculated through the Gunning Fog index). The links below are lifesavers when it comes to writing an effective blog post:

Social Media

A perfect way to harvest engagement is through the use of social media. There is no sense in pouring your heart and soul into a blog post each week, thinking that just by
creating the post everyone in your audience will see it. Consequently, you should aim to coordinate your social media channels to communicate the same information. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the first contact for your audience and essentially give you those long awaited views.

Yet, your audience are unlikely to engage with posts when you neglect your reach out strategy, which is mainly done through the use of hashtags. You would be surprised how the addition of relevant hashtags can increase impressions and reach converting into engagement. We can’t stress enough #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

You may believe the importance in writing an effective blog lies in the writing; however, it is much more than that. It is in fact the extra steps you take to make your blog stand out from the rest. Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term strategy so ultimately you have to be patient. It won’t be an overnight success, so keep at it!


Post too frequently

Many people believe the misconception that to be the owner of an effective blog, you must post everyday. We like to advise against this mainly because of the social proof factor. Social proof is the engagement with a post i.e. comments, views, re tweets and new visitors and when you are continually updating the front page of your blog you override your social proof standing.

Mindlessly throw in hashtags

It is essential for bloggers to understand how to effectively implement hashtags and with that they must know how to monitor hashtag conversation. So we recommend putting just as much effort into your hash tag selection as you do in researching the piece. With the key failed example of #McDStories this is a technique that must be mastered. In 2010, the Oxford dictionary recognised the hashtag—enough said!


The Importance of Imagery


  • Images are the communication tool of the world. Images can convey so much without the need for language across the globe.


  • Take a cave drawing from thousands of years ago; pictures have been the fabric of human society since way back when. Symbolism, imagery and an audience can create inspiration. Images can tell a powerful story. They can invoke inspiration, cuteness, fear, love, adoration, anger…so it is so important to implement images in a way that effectively tells your story or what you are trying to say to your audience.


  • This applies to Social Media Posts, Blogs, Websites, Online Articles, you name it, the image is the one visual stimuli that should stand out and capture attention. Anyone in Social Media will tell you that an image included in your Facebook Posts will increase the response it gets over plain old text.


  • An example is a blog I wrote recently for an automotive website. We wanted to capture the audience’s attention quickly. The majority readership and audience were males aged 40 and over that like classic cars and have a higher income. So to capture this potential set of eyes on masse we needed something suitable. Imagine if we had used a cute cat picture, or a picture of someone eating breakfast? This is probably an exaggeration but you get the idea. If I am a model airplane hobbyist then an awesome pic that involves a plane, a propeller or a flight of some kind will grab me over something else.


  • I cannot reiterate enough- Do Your Research. What is your demographics’ visual psychology ? What is it visually? What do “they” like looking at that can fit in with your message? Profile them like an FBI profiler, work out what they like, how they like it and what’s going on in their world on a large scale and you will hit the jackpot.


  • Find images that are good quality high resolution, using colours that are complimentary, particularly if sourcing images for your website. You can purchase good quality from companies like Adobe Stock or Dreamstime. Better yet, if you can afford it get a good photographer to take some for you it’s a terrific investment or if you are any good; take your own!


  • When you are in business it pays to have a professional & good quality profile pic of yourself. Good quality pics that reflect your personality in a classy and positive way makes you look good, feel good and promote your business well. This can be used on your website, your LinkedIn page, your Twitter profile, anything that involves a Bio.


  • Photography is a powerful language that can break barriers and speak directly to the heart of your audience, so do it well!


We have had the opportunity to be photographed for our profile pics and product shots by the divine Annie Murray from Murray Studios. Annie has worked tirelessly to make women around the globe realise their potential and reclaim their inner beauty as it reflects outward. Annie worked hand in hand with Anastasia Hmua; Professional Makeup artist to NOT make anyone look beautiful, but to compliment their unique individual beauty bringing the inner into the physical space. The translation is brilliant. Annie made this amazing short film about this journey and we thought you might like it! Click this link to watch : Finding Your Beautiful You can also contact Anastasia HERE