Twitter Top 10Social Media Influencers of 2017-2

We have decided to do a breakdown of the top 10 social media influencers who should be on your radar. With the growth of social media platforms like Instagram, it is important to keep an eye out on those profiles who have a large following as they are the ones who have their finger on the pulse and post some of the most current content. Each and every one of these influencers has had to start from humble beginnings with 0 followers, but through hard work and dedication they have managed to become leaders in their categories. Of course it would be hard to find that one individual post that got the most likes and engagement but we have handpicked some recent ones that are our faves.


Firstly, in the category of hair we have Stevie Vincent Hair Artistry. Stevie has had 7 years experience in hairdressing and owns her own salon in Perth, Western Australia that is Eco friendly/Ammonia free/PPD free/Vegan/Cruelty free. Stevie’s Instagram account is known around Australia to be filled with bright inspiring posts of creative colour creations. Stevie has 13.3k followers, but of course this is not the only way to judge a social media influencer, it comes down to the engagement on individual posts. This post featuring Grenadine and Citrus colour posted on the 18th of March got 748 likes.

Stevie believes that when you are posting it’s all about being yourself “Be real, be you, believe in yourself and your work and show it off! Think of who you want to attract. Keep it engaging – ask questions, reach out to the people who you want to see it and post in peak hours (outside of work hours) so people can see it while they’re scrolling and tag their friends in it!”






Moving into the Makeup and Beauty category it would be hard to go past Chloe Morello. She has a staggering 882k followers on Instagram and every Aussie girl who has an interest in makeup is following her and her Youtube channel. She is of course a makeup tutorial youtuber who has now grown into a fashion and beauty influencer. Her posts on Instagram range from #ootd, #makeuphaul to how to get the perfect red lip. Her posts regularly receive engagement in the 100 thousands and this particular @hudabeauty video post received 193,604 views.








Maddies Beauty Spot

Brisbane’s own marketer and blogger @maddiesbeautyspot has recently grown a large following on social media with a range of well-known brands starting to notice her. She has grown her following to 4340 followers and receives regular engagement on her beauty posts. Her instagram posts feature colourful flatlays and makeup hauls with perfectly placed products that you can’t help but double tap.






A N T O I N E T T E M A R I E is the ‘Sydney Fashion Blogger’. Her page is the go to for out there inspiration with some of the most stunning and out there pieces on display.  Her posts include an array of luxurious settings around the world pairing travel and opulent fashion. She dares to be different but at the same time, is the first to be on top of the latest trend in swimwear, shoes and dresses. She has 1.1m followers this particular video post received 81,716 views!








Party and Events

Party with Lenzo have been known to curate an amazing Instagram feed filled with pretty inspo and colour. Party with Lenzo is the one stop shop for all of your wedding, event and kids party needs. Lenzo was created as a place for inspiration for those looking to hold an event.

“Whether you need a photographer, balloon installations, decorative banners, or stylish tableware we have you covered to create the WOW factor for your event. We have products and services in various categories, covering different budgets to ensure you can create an amazing event.”

Sometimes it can be hard to continue creating unique, current content and Party with Lenzo shows all social media gurus that content re posts work just as well. This can be in the form of collaborations. Currently Party with Lenzo have 127 thousand followers. This post is one of their best ones yet receiving 2346 likes.






Wedding Inspo

Ivory Tribe are a Melbourne based wedding blog and directory who carefully select a range of inspo pictures showcasing wedding suppliers in Melbourne. They have 67.5k followers that are continually engaged with their styled posts. The below received 2825 likes, exhibiting one of their favourite florists.

Jo, Nat, Stef from Ivory Tribe believe it’s all about the inspiring captions, this can make or break a post, “When it comes to creating a quality post, while the imagery is important, so too is engaging your audience further by creating punchy captions that convey the personality of your brand – be it inspiring, funny, quirky etc. While Instagram is image driven, a quality caption sets the tone and style of your brand, and your audience will appreciate the effort, spend more time on your post and keep coming back for more.”

Their posts go hand in hand with their blog so make sure to check this out too! The blog features a mix of real weddings, collaborations and Destination weddings.






Lorraine from Not quite Nigella is a well-known food blogger who often shares some of her favourite recipes. She has 52.5k followers and her posts are extra special because each one is one of her own creations. A recent post that received good engagement was this rainbow cake. It got 447 likes and a number of comments and tags.






In the fitness category these Base body babes are a must to follow! The pair have been nominated as in Victoria’s Secret ‘Sexiest Social Star in the Fitness Category’. The post that they made about their nomination received 11,575 likes. Their feed includes an array of healthy food flatlays, fitness and inspiration posts– thus the perfect account to follow to get motivated. They have 635k followers.





Reality tv

With the rise of reality tv shows like Married at First Sight and the Bachelor, we have seen the rise of reality tv overnight successes. Two of these who have done very well off these two shows are Anna Heinrich and Nadia Stamp. Lawyer turned model Anna hosts a variety of posts about fashion and lifestyle. She has been featured in magazines and even has a talent agency behind her. The below post received 6726 likes with all the relevant handles and hashtags. Anna is outfit inspiration in a nutshell so if you are ever wondering what to wear to your next function, peruse her page. Anna has an enormous 269k followers.






Social Statement

Greenpeace is definitely an organisation to watch out for. Their Instagram page has garnered over 400,000 followers all with a strong drive for social movement. Averaging 11,000 plus likes on each of their posts, Greenpeace utilise their popularity on the digital platform to fight for change. This post promotes their lawsuit against Trump and cross promotes both of their social channels by mentioning their Facebook page for more info. Doing this drives engagement to all channels for different types of content.

And that’s a wrap of hottest social media influencers at the moment. These individuals and organisations have got the key to creating killer content whether it is through bright colour, hashtag selection or the right time of the day. If your business or start-up needs to have a social media influence or need to amplify it’s presence online- ask us about our dynamic and affordable new packages in the contact us form below: