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Communicate the integrity of your story. For the world revolves on connection and our shared human experience, this the world of social media. Humanity amplified.

Geelong Social Media is a high-performance team of business mentors, wordsmiths, photographers, graphic artists and digital media inspirers that thrive on developing multi-layered brands that gain a loyal following through trust and integrity. Our client relationships around the world share one very important facet; passion. Founder Kirsten Macdonald leads the way in a career that is eclectic and successful in small business and large organisations.

Geelong Social Media hosts a passion for research, curiosity, growth, dedication and helping people and organisations find their voice and shine their brightest through digital interaction.  In a world calling for continual and meaningful engagement, entertainment, instant information, and rewards – it’s crucial you have the right team to fit the passion.

Business, creativity and inspirational learning are our key drivers in motivation.

Our key strategy is exceptional story telling connecting your audience and their daily lives to support your platform. We take an omnichannel approach that is nimble and able to pivot in a heartbeat to meet the demands of your people and future audience.

“As with other modalities of living, storytelling is a modality of working with others to transform what is given, or what simply befalls us, into forms of life, experience, and meaning that are collectively viable. … Unlike polemic, which cultivates a disinterested, objective, abstract, and authoritative view from afar, stories are a form of ‘situated thinking’ that brings philosophy down to earth, working within the everyday lifeworld of human struggle, encompassing a plurality of perspectives in order to gain an enlarged human view of human experience”

(The Politics of Storytelling. Jackson, M. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 2002, p. 252).

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