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The Importance of Imagery

Imagery as a communication tool is as old as time- more important than ever- it speaks to the eyes and the heart, so use them wisely!

Blogging 101

    Ok, so you want to write a blog. First things first!   *Find yourself a nice cozy chair, where you can either write or type. I often like to find a cozy nook in a favorite coffee shop. This way I cannot procrastinate by folding washing, checking orders etc. I am dedicating this … Continue reading Blogging 101

Facebook Tips and Resource

  The latest news from Social Media Today: CLICK HERE DECEMBER 7 NEWS   Click this link to see the amazing results you can have- we found a great case study via the iconic Qantas;  

LinkedIn The New Social Platform For Business

Traditionally, Linkedin has been perceived as a uniting arena for professionals. Linkedin has not only branched out as a job-finding platform but has also become a strong business oriented platform. You may believe that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the way to go for business and marketing strategy, however, the social platform of Linkedin is proving itself in the social media arena.

How to Write and Effective Blog and Why

Prior to writing your blog you must have a good understanding of who your audience is. Keep in mind their gender, age and interests throughout your entire writing process. You should consider that your audience alters your writing style, the length of your paragraphs and the type of wording. This can also mean that you may need to change your blog readability level. Wordy blogs are not always the most liked, in fact it has been suggested that most blogs should have a readability level of around 12 (calculated through the Gunning Fog index). The links below are lifesavers when it comes to writing an effective blog post: