LinkedIn The New Social Platform For Business



Traditionally, Linkedin has been perceived as a uniting arena for professionals. Linkedin has not only branched out as a job-finding platform but has also become a strong business oriented platform. You may believe that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the way to go for business and marketing strategy, however, the social platform of Linkedin is proving itself in the social media arena.

LinkedIn Company pages help build brand awareness by providing a channel to promote your products and services to customers, prospects and job seekers. Linkedin enables businesses to reach an audience of likeminded people who are interested in their business dealings. Just think, if only you could reach an audience exclusively made up of those in the same sector as you, the people you have done business with or hope to do so in the future—Linkedin enables this direct communication resulting in a higher level of professional engagement.
It’s all good and well to talk up the platform yet; Linkedin for business only reaches its full potential if you are a regular poster. Just like Facebook and Instagram you need to plan. Planning may include scheduling the copy and imagery that you will include to promote products and services and investing in a well-written brand message and campaign line.


Tip: Beware, the page should not be used solely as an advertising platform but incite professional engagement through discussion, this could mean reposting interesting business related articles to your network or asking relevant professional questions. It may also be beneficial to post free advice to your network, as this original content will be shared with others having a wider impression and reach.

A great way to represent your company on Linkedin, is to include a banner image of your office whether it be the exterior or interior, effectively welcoming professionals into your workplace.

There are many parallels between Facebook and Linkedin as a social platform, this includes knowing the best posting times to get the highest engagement. Nonetheless, you will be glad to know that Linkedin does not need as much activity as others, we recommend posting around 3 times a week to ensure that your connections aren’t overloaded with a multitude of your content which can lead to the opposite effect, causing resent and loss of engagement from your followers.

Tip: Studies have shown that it is best to post on Linkedin on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am-5pm. Additionally, most business people are more inclined to check their media in the early morning say around 7am-8am and after their workday ends from 5-6pm.
screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-10-20-13-pmBusinesses should consider connecting Linkedin on their website and email signature with a clickable ‘Follow Company Button’, thus promoting Linkedin as a business news source to attract followers. Furthermore, you could suggest for your employees to add your newly created page to their own personal Linkedin expanding reach to their personal connections.

Another enticing feature about Linkedin for business is the Linkedin ‘showcase pages’ which can be click through links from the main page, providing further insight into the products and services sold. You can also use the showcase pages to promote sub brands. They enable tailored message posts to reach different audiences. For example ‘Cotton On Group’ can list its sub brands of ‘Cotton On Body’, ‘Rubi Shoes’, ‘Cotton On Kids’ etc.

For information on how to get started with Linkedin company pages check out this link: or take your business further with the premium option

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