Unlock the Goods Workshops


The Geelong workshop was a real watershed for me, the lovely environment and location, the interactions with people was amazing.  Your workshop set out just what I needed to know and how to achieve it.” – Philippa 

“Merci Merci Merci for such a wonderful day of SMW Social Media Wizardry – l loved it, the vibe in the room was fabulous, l loved the presentation, I have learnt so much and l am so pleased that l have these tools to help me with my busines” – Helen 

“Thanks a million for todays workshop. This has fuelled my fire and passion to begin my digital marketting journey. I now have a plan to dissolve away my previous procrastination. I have had so many digital marketing companies asking for so many thousands of dollars to do their workshops after their “so called free” online seminars. I did the unlock the goods workshop because it was cost effective, even for “little old me”. Now I am feeling like little old me has the POWER and PASSION to create a strong online presence……” – Mel 

There are so many more- we have sold out again and are so pleased to present you with our next Unlock The Goods Workshop!

So who are you?

You know Social Media can triple your business and then some, you’re not entirely sure how, you don’t want to be ripped off, bombarded or overwhelmed, but you want the GOODS UNLOCKED!

What are we going to teach you?

SOCIAL MEDIA: What the heck is Social Media and WHY it needs to be activated in your Business NOW!

When to post, when NOT to post. Curating content- How, What, When, Why and What on earth- all answered

What are the agencies are using and how to produce superb content.

Communication- how is it changing and how does this translate into the Digital Landscape?

BLOGGING: You will learn how to write a well read blog, how to monetize it, how to market it with integrity and finesse. You will learn how to take an awesome Facebook Video, how to take great shots. You will learn the workflow we paid a systems tech thousands for to help you DO ALL OF THIS in a short amount of time.

It is a social media, blogging, marketing intensive but it will be presented in bite sized, easy to process, content rich assets. You will be guided by my team of Personal Assistants, Bloggers and Journalists.

The biggest part? You will learn how to take the passion for what you have and give it a voice, give it a platform and create a space for it to burst forward and find an audience and a customer.



What we do here at GSM is so unique. We are very results driven and customised, so the combo is tricky to replicate. This has lead to the rather disruptive decision to teach small business everything we do, so they don’t need to hire anyone to do the things we do. They can spend that money on other things to grow their business and passion. My lovely bunch of clients then suggested that other business owners, writers, and passion filled humans would get a lot out of it too, so we should offer it to everyone. If they do decide to hire again, they will know EXACTLY who they are looking for, what it is worth and how it is done. It’s all about bridging the gap of information.

SO that’s what we are doing. There are limited places, just because any more than a dozen people means you can’t help everyone as much as you would like. The room can get a bit crowded and energy poor.

This is NOT an UPSELL, a Sales Funnel  or anything other than Pure Education. I sincerely want to help people, and I firmly believe knowledge should be shared and nurtured. To be very blunt and honest- I am SO OVER the UPSELL and trickiness we get bombarded with on how to do this, sell this, funnel that. My team and I want to restore integrity to an area that finds this lacking. So why not change course with a bang and not a whimper!


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