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Communication in 2018 is a revolution of fresh opportunity. We are here to Guide, Inspire and Motivate your Journey!

Skills + Passion = AWESOME

We help you find your unique voice and amplify your message.

Strategy + Wit = Your Secret Spice

Build your business out of bricks, not sticks.

Integrative Marketing + Integrity = Success

Over 1.5 million readers of our articles

Why? We infuse everything with quirk and passion. (we are pretty good at it too.)

Social Media, Journalism, Marketing

Tied with a Bow and Delivered to Small Business

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Geelong Social Media is a high-performance team made up of business mentors, wordsmiths, photographers, graphic artists and inspirers that thrive on developing multi-layered brands that gain a loyal following through trust and integrity. Hosting a passion for research, curiosity, growth, dedication and helping people and businesses find their voice and shine their brightest through digital interaction, in the world that demands continual and meaningful engagement, entertainment, instant information, and rewards.

Business, creativity and inspirational learning are our key drivers in motivation.
Our key strategy? Today’s technology marketing platform is ever -evolving, it can seem complicated and complex. Your business and the info-gap needs to be bridged, you just need someone to teach you, empower you and make it easy make it accessible and make sense.
You need to be able to implement simple steps in your business to create an online presence and capture the market you need. You need a second set of trained ‘eyes’ to look, assess and action.
Sincere learning and implementing at a reasonable price with ease is what we strive for every day.